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I have a 97 STS i am trying to get it running. I charge the battery and reconnect it to the system, the interior lights, and radio come on. As soon as I turn the ignition switch to the on but not start position, the power drains out of the battery, and the inadvert power relay starts ticking. my code tester cannot read the car because the power is to low,all of this in less than 3 minutes.
the battery is less than 1 yr old but was 1/2 dry before i charged it.The battery before this one tested for a dead cell while still  under warranty.
I dont have a clue what to do.Please help

ANSWER: Hello,

I question this battery already because if it wasn't the probem, and the battery is discarged in 3 minutes you would have a short on a major cicuit which would either blow a fusable link or start a fire.
Your battery is already suspect from your description and should be full when installed and you have no choice but to start at the simplest point and install a new  battery and go ftom there


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Finally got it running, and this is what I got.
The on board error codes P0300,0108,0603,1599. My code
reader picks up P0301. She has to be hit with starting fluid
to start cold, hard to start after being warmed up for a few
minutes, and won't start until it cools down after it has
been driven until it is completely warmed up. If I push down
the accelerator past 1/2 quickly the engine almost dies(acts
as though starved for fuel) and while idling it will slowly
flood until it dies on restart the engine speeds up like it
was overloaded with fuel for just a minute or two and then
the cycle starts over with the smell of unburned fuel coming
out of the exhaust. It will loose power while driving,
backfire loudly, and then drive ok for another hour or two.
Since purchasing the car it has lost a huge part of it fuel
mileage 15 to 20%. Any direction or advice would be greatly

Thanks Rich

Hi Rich,

Please do not use starting fluid on this aluminum engine. Very dangerous! You can blow a cylinder head off or more! Put gasoline in a spray bottle if you must do this. Ether is meant for non combustion engines such as diesels.

From your description, I have no idea as to what is going on. Running to rich will destroy the catalytic converter. When is the last time you changed the fuel filter. Diagnostic code readers have limitations and caveats. The are not a cure all and you could never find the problem. Codes can cascade and one code might set off another. I realize money is tight these days, but in your case, it might be best to take the car into a service center with a tech II diagnostic scanner (Not a dealer). Your problems can be pinpointed with the tech II. This way you can find if its an electronic problem or a fuel delivery problem. I don't want to see you wasting money on a guess and it can happen.

Let me know what happens. Good luck!

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