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Cadillac Repair/code P057 on 1995 cadillac concours


Hello Rob,

I cleared all codes and P057 keeps coming up.  I read previous post on this subject. Checked fluid on level ground. That's ok.  Can this be fixed by at home mechanic or do I need to take it to Rickenbaugh Cadillac to be serviced?  Also hearing knocking sound as well when I start car and when it's in drive.  Service vehicle soon message is on.

wythe s.  4.6 ltr engine. 1995 cadillac ooncours


I volunteer my time to assist people on this site of which I have done for more than 10 years. My answers are accurate and many people really appreciate my interventin. Occasionally I will get a bad rating by someone such as yourself which is completely unjustified and I simply will not let it go

I do not answer diagnostic code questions because that is exactly what they are a general diagnostic area to look in and without being with the car and having a tech II scanner or equivalent and the ability to eliminate problems, one is just wasting their time. A diagnostic code is merely a symptom and not the cause or correction. You come at me as though I answer code questions on some sort of frequency. I never have just for the reasons listed. Now, there are other experts that go by the name Rob on this site that have answered such questions, but it is not me. I told you I am not qualified to answer this question and then I am attacked. If I can not give an accurate answer or an answer with certainty, I simply do not answer it because I do not want my followers to waste their time and money.
Your poor feedback is not appreciated, so I would suggest the next time you feel the need to attack me, you make damn sure you know what you are talking about. I have worked very hard to build a name for accuracy for the last 20+ years based on my extensive training, background and experience. One can take my answers to the bank. I am not afraid to tell someone I do not know the answer like I did in your case and you just could not leave it alone.
For 17 years I have served the courts as an expert witness and I simply cannot afford to be wrong because it affects my credibility. I have many opposing enemies I have destroyed because all so often their opinions and conclusions were flat out wrong. They do not know how to say they simply do not know the answer. They would rather give a wrng answer and let me chew them up in court.
Almost never do I give answers for driveability because without being at the vehicle elliminating every possibility, as I said it is a waste of time. I suggest if you are so sure that I answer these code questions, unless it is related to a known factor from over heating of the engine or somthing along that lines, that you go through my vast archive of questions and answers and demonstrate some examples, you will not find any.
Ratings are important to me and now with this crap rating you gave me, it sets me much lower on an average. Thank you very much. If my followers were not so loyal, I would have discontinued answering any more questions and wasting my time people like you. You have hit a nerve and I have very tough skin from what I do dealing with unethical and unprofessional opposing attorneys. I have to put up with this crap in depositions and in trial, but I am not going to put up with someone on this site inferring I am a liar. I do not need this. I will not tolerate it.

I am not sure which expert on this site answered such a question however I am qualified to answer code questions because I haven't actively dealt with them for years.
I deal with manyCadillac issues but driveability is not one of them.
Possibly if yo resubmit you might get a qualified expert to answer your question on this site and maybe not.

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Alarm system questions cannot be answered on this forum. These systems are not what I can answer. Without being physically at the vehicle and not knowing what kind of electrical service has been done on the vehicle, there is no possible way to give an accurate answer over the internet. My expertise is in Ignition/key based anti-theft systems. These issues include GM VATS (resistor chip in key blade) PASSLOCK (MRD)-ignition lock rotation based, no special ignition key and the PKIII Transponder (computer chip in key) systems. These systems are not alarm based and are integral with the starting of the engine. This is why I cannot diagnose alarm problems without physically looking at the vehicle: Alarm systems are a completely different annimal than ignition key/lock based anti-theft system. Many alarm questions come from vehicles 10 years old, and since older, many hands that had been involved over the years.I am an expert in all GM factory (ignition/key based)systems. Alarm system questions pose to many situations beyond my knowledge as to what has been done to the vehicle over the years. Some guy may have actually wired the stereo into the alarm system. Who knows? Over my past 30 years in vehicle wiring repair, I have seen unbelievable wiring disaters done by guys that consider themselves "mechanics." I have seen stereos and alarms intalled using surgical tape. I have seen modules burn up, un-fused circuits, wiring jambed between the doors and even lamp cord used for a starter kill. To answer alarm questions over the internet without examining the vehicle is like asking; What does it take to remove a dent?


Education/Credentials-ASE certified. 11 years with a GM dealer and 17 years with a repair facility dealing with only the repair of theft recovered vehicles.

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