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QUESTION: 1984 Cad Coupe de Ville. My left front speaker is dead. Can you tell me how to safely removed the grille and speaker to replace?
The sentinel sensor  is in this speaker and I want to also cover it so I have "daylight running lights:.

ANSWER: Hello,

While I have had hundreds of these apart to replace broken glass, it has been at least 10 years since I have worked on this make and model. You are asking to safely remove and I would not count on my memory.
The speaker grill as I remember is part of the lower trim panel. No matter what, the trim panel must be removed to change the speaker. Underneath the pull strap plastic covers that will most likely break the hold down tab are 2 big phillips screws. What we did for reassembly of the plastic covers is to use strip caulking underneath.
There is one or two screws holding the chrome cover by the door handle. Here is where my memory gets fuzzy. I believe that once the chrome plate is removed, looking upward, there are be a screw. I believe you have a red and white lens next to the door panel. You would pop the lens of with a screwdriver and find more screws. looking upward you will see another screw. Once these screws are removed the power switch panel can be removed. Then the door panel can be pulled gently and evenly. If the fasteners say in the door, no problem. When you reinstall trim panel, you will remove them with dykes (side cutters by getting to the plastic fastener stud and pry outward and reinstall on trim panel. If the panel still will not come off, look for the area you are hung up on and you may find another screw. I do not remember anymore if this is a one piece or two piece panel any more. You will find out if the top piece is separate from the bottom piece. I would feel much better telling you to go to Ebay or Craigs and trying to purchase the factory service manual for the car. You will find the manual to be an excellent tool to do any repairs to the vehicle and it will give you exacting information on your request.
If you would have approached me 10 years ago with your question, I could be exacting, however I am not afraid to admit I do not remember anymore.
The factory service manual will guide you through these questions. I just don't want to see you destroy a very fragile piece of the vehicle that is made of plastic, cardboard and vynl.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply, but my left, front speaker is on the top, left of the dash facing up.
Can you let me know if you remember?


Oh that one--the first one I though of was a door speaker.

You need a stubby (about a inch long) phillips to remove the screws I do believe. If not screwed in, the top of the dash has to be removed. You may have to remove some of the center trim to get to the screws. Look upward for attaching screws on the top of the dash. I think I remember removing the top of the dash on these. Once the screws are removed tip the dash upward and pull out.

You could take pics of the trim and then looking upward from below the dash to refresh my memory and send them to

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