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In 2011, I bought a 1983 eldo convert originally from Florida.  The passenger's rear side window seal is rotted and shredded.  I bought a seal for replacement.  How difficult a job is this? It is not described in the shop manual.  Also, is it difficult to get the metal seal off of the window?

Hello Steve,

I must say I am slightly perplexed. We replaced hundreds of these quarter glasses on the coupes from theft. I do not know if they were the same glass in the convertible. Cadillac did not make that car. The convertibles were specially made for a dealer in Texas and the conversions took place in Texas. The same went for vehicles like the 1991 Firebird convertible. GM did not make them. These were custom builds.
The reason I am perplexed is that we never changed the weatherstrip or the molding and obtained it as an assembly. In other words, these weatherstrips were not factory produced individually by GM to my knowledge. The strip if I remember was sealed to the glass with butyl rubber, the same one would use for windshields. This sealer is available from parts stores and the caulking tube is about $20.00 and you need a caulk gun and for a good one, you will pay another $20.00.

Remember this: You cannot pry off because the weak part of the glass is the edge and you will shatter the glass!

I am not going to guaranty if you can save the chrome because it is easily bent, but there is only one way you will get this apart and that is with a heat gun. A hair dryer does not get hot enough. Upholstery stores or mechanics may have a heat gun you can borrow. Mark the position top and bottom with a indelible marker so you can get the weatherstrip back on exactly as it is. You will need to heat the weatherstrip at the glass side and gently but firmly pull loose with your hand being careful not to bend the chrome. Then you need to get the weatherstrip apart from the chrome the same way. I do not know if the chrome slides into a groove in the weatherstrip, so it may slide upward or downward. You should be able to tell by looking at the new part. The butyl will keep the molding in place as well. Tape to glass putting inward pressure for about 24 hours. Clean up any excess with a razor blade when dry. Word of warning-we used this butyl to hold together many things and it is like cement, but wear a double pair of rubber gloves on because if on your skin, will stay that way for weeks!

The reason it is not in the manual is because this weatherstrip, molding and glass were sold as an assembly and technically is non-servicable. Don't you loe the pople that sell you a part with no instructions because the item was neer designed to be servicable?

Worst case, send it back and if the glass is the same as a couple, try to find a used one in Michigan. The reason I do not know if they are the same is the coupe was stationary and did not move, yet the convertible the glass rolls down.

Anything related to the convertible will not be in the factory service manual because the convertible was not a production car.

Good luck and tell me how it works out.

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