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display indicator a/c refrigerate low then a/c compressor off so I recharged started cooling real well next day display indicator a/c refrigerate low then a/c compressor off I used Freon with leak sealor


Leak sealer does not seal all leaks! Secondly, dye should have been used to determine as to where the leak was located. Being certified in A/C, it would not even be legal for me to do anything with the a/c system without the use of the dye.
I would suggest seeing if you can get some dye to add with more freon in order to see where the leak is.
Leak sealer is only good for minor leaks such as an "o" ring or a pin hole in the condenser. It is not a fix all, no matter what the claim. The high side depending on humidity can be over 150 psi which is a tremendous amount of pressure and if the leak is caused by hole, a crack in the line or other things, no matter how good the sealer is, it is not going to hold up.
For the system to discharge over night, this means you have a substantial leak and the use of dye will direct yo to the problem, which once repaired will probably not be an issue for years after.

There are so many products out there that misrepresent their effectiveness. We as consumer trying to save money figure we can go around the cost of using a qualified technician to repair problems with our vehicles. Although this may be true in many instances, there are products out there that we expect more out of them because of their unwarranted claims and assume the product is a cure all.
There are also consequences to the use of these products and I would highly recommend not using any more sealer.

The same holds true with cooling system leak sealer, transmission leak sealer and engine leak sealer. You are injecting a product into the system that is plugging a leak (or attempting to) that there was no engineering intention from the factory for this. Normally, the leaking component (seal, "o" ring, radiator, condenser is considered to be replaced in order to fix the problem.

In your instance, it sounds like the leak is greater than the product can seal. If youuse dye, chances are the leaking component will be obvious.

Good luck!

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Alarm system questions cannot be answered on this forum. These systems are not what I can answer. Without being physically at the vehicle and not knowing what kind of electrical service has been done on the vehicle, there is no possible way to give an accurate answer over the internet. My expertise is in Ignition/key based anti-theft systems. These issues include GM VATS (resistor chip in key blade) PASSLOCK (MRD)-ignition lock rotation based, no special ignition key and the PKIII Transponder (computer chip in key) systems. These systems are not alarm based and are integral with the starting of the engine. This is why I cannot diagnose alarm problems without physically looking at the vehicle: Alarm systems are a completely different annimal than ignition key/lock based anti-theft system. Many alarm questions come from vehicles 10 years old, and since older, many hands that had been involved over the years.I am an expert in all GM factory (ignition/key based)systems. Alarm system questions pose to many situations beyond my knowledge as to what has been done to the vehicle over the years. Some guy may have actually wired the stereo into the alarm system. Who knows? Over my past 30 years in vehicle wiring repair, I have seen unbelievable wiring disaters done by guys that consider themselves "mechanics." I have seen stereos and alarms intalled using surgical tape. I have seen modules burn up, un-fused circuits, wiring jambed between the doors and even lamp cord used for a starter kill. To answer alarm questions over the internet without examining the vehicle is like asking; What does it take to remove a dent?


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