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Calculus/How to Buy Stocks on a Foreign Stock Exchange


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Dear Prof Mervyn

1. Which are the Online Brokerages in India which will allow me to purchase stocks listed on foreign exchanges ?

2. What are the Steps and Requirements for purchasing and selling of these stocks ?

i.e Trading (Brokerage account), Demat Account, Foreign exchange, International Bank account etc

Cos catering to different sectors viz IT, Aviation, Banks, Healthcare (Pharma), Automobile, Hotels, Oil & Gas, FMCG etc have listed stocks on Foreign Exchanges.

Can Indian Investor/s purchase and sell those Stocks ?

For example : I want to Buy Infosys Technologies Limited Stock listed on NASDAQ OR London Stock Exchange (LSE).

I personally have this opinion.

There should be Global Trading Platform Created for investors to purchase and sell stocks i.e local - Indian Investor trading on BSE AND NSE stock exchanges as well as on Foreign Exchanges.

Our Global Trading Platform (Internet Web Site/s - Portal/Gateway) should be able to connect to all local and foreign exchanges. viz LSE, NASDAQ, Singapore stock exchange, UAE, Hong Kong Stock exchange etc once we get a valid trading account.

This can happen if as you rightly pointed out IF we can connect to a US Stock Broker for example to purchase and sell Stocks on NASDAQ OR NYSE
Indian Stock Broker/s who has contacts with the US Stock Exchanges for opening US foreign exchange trading account.

Don't you feel Indian Investors would not like to buy stocks of Boeing, Ford, General motors, Google, Microsoft etc for examples listed on NASDAQ or NYSE ?.

Similarly Don't you feel Foreign Investors (example British, American, German, Spanish etc) would not like to buy Bajaj Auto, Bharti Airtel, Tata Steel, Wipro Technologies for examples indian cos stocks Listed on BSE and NSE ?.

There may be financial implications on this i.e forex market and other securities risk factors which we have to study.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

It looks like Capitalism is on the verge of a major and total collapse.
Read the rest of the answer and you'll know why.

The details and practise of a 3-fold social order was given to humanity before the 1st world war.
Reading the Austrian constitution there is a lot that is similar to Steiners 3- fold order.
One is for scholars to be instructed in their home language,  which if done there would have been no first world war, as Serbia would not have assassinated the Archduke.
Every human subconsciously wants society to reflect their thinking, feeling and willing.
So the Parliament related to thinking would run art, education and culture. As we are most conscious in our thinking we are most free in that realm.
The second Parliament would run economics, related to feeling. One of their functions would be to provide the children with whatever they need to develop their gifts. Without them interfering in any other way
With the education of children. Only adults who love children and are aware of the changing consciousness of the children and what they need for their different ages would have a say and practise education. Later the child as adult would work out of love as the work is related to the gift or gifts that has been consciously developed by the teacher. When work is done through love
Then it is free.  Money disappears and the economic parliament sees that everyone gets what they need. The harder you work the more you need .The economic realm is also the only realm where there can be cooperation.
Third parliament is human rights related to the will, metabolic and limb system.
Equality in the eyes of the law.
I have given a short summary, but Steiner goes into the details of how this can be implemented.
All the best.
The first thing is for managers and workers and directors or owners to sit as equls at the negotiating table.


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