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A manufacturer wishes to produce the most economical packaging for detergent. The containers need to hold 25litres and must be cylindrical in shape.
What dimensions will ensure that the least amount of plastic is used to create the containers?
(Note: the volume and surface area of cylinders are V = πr^2h and S = 2πr^2 + 2πrh respectively)

The volume must be 25

π r^2 h = 25

h = 25/πr^2

Surface area

S = 2πr^2 + 2πrh

Substitute 25/πr^2 for h

S =  2πr^2 + 50/r

S' = 4πr - 50/r^2

0 = 4πr - 50/r^2

0 = 4πr^3 - 50

r = (25/2π)^1/3

The first derivative test shows that this value for r gives the minimum surface area

Since h = 25/πr^2

Substitute r = (25/2π)^1/3

and get h = (100/π)^1/3

Since a liter is one cubic decimeter , the units for r and h are decimeters


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