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Calculus/pre cal 12th exponentia and logarithmic functions II


question 1) rewrite 2log3 A-3log3 B+ 1/5log3 C as a logarithm

question 2) if $5000 is deposited today, at 6% compounded semiannually, how much money will this account contain after five years? (assume no further deposits or withdrawals have been made during the five-year persiod)

Using the third law of logarithm,

-  2log3 A is log3 (A^2)
-  3log3 B is log3 (B^3)
-  1/5log3 C is log3 (C^1/5)

Using the second law of logarithm,

log3 (A^2) - log3 (B^3)  is log3 (A^2 / B^3)

Using the first law of logarithm

log3 (A^2 / B^3) + log3 (C^1/5) is the same as log3 ( (A^2 * C^(1/5)  )/ B^3)  


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