I'm in a study group for my AP Physics class. We are studying for exams which are in a couple weeks. A part of that is we go over a ton of problems, situations and concepts and do them together as a group. However, when we try to do this difficult problem, we get 2-3 different answers and disagree on who is correct. We were hoping you could show us the correct answer & your steps. Complete answers including numbers would be ideal (really let us get the complete process), but at the least your step-by-step solution would be okay.

The question is:
Someone is riding a roller coaster. When they go over the top of a hill of 50 meter radius, that person feels as if they only weigh half their normal weight. What is the speed of the train over the hill at that point?

Thank you for your assistance!

it is seen that the affects of centrifugal force follows the equation f = mv/r.

This means the v/r = 1/2.
Since r = 50 m, this says that v = 25.
It is known that the square root of 25 is 5, so the speed is 5 m/s.  


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