Hi, I am wondering which math topic is easier:

- introduction to linear algebra
- mathematical modelling

Which would be easier for someone who is not good at maths?

Also, I am wondering, is discrete maths difficult? I'm in uni and I struggle with maths but it is required for me to do several math subjects in my science degree. I also need discrete maths for my computer science major.


Hi Nicole,
First of all, you need Discrete Maths for computer science so there's no point asking if it's difficult. I mean this in the sense that difficulty is a relative thing and university education is always at a level where rigour should be expected. As for the comparison between LA and MM, well, again it would depend on your mathematical background.
I would say though, in my own opinion, the content of LA is essential if you'll be studying anything of a pure mathematics or physics nature. It's even more difficult if you'll be taking the version based on proofs and not just the applied one. So, to provide you with some sort of answer, i believe that LA is more involved and is more difficult than MM. Basically, it just requires more preparation and work. Take nothing away from MM which is also very important in its own right though, and i don't see any reason why you can't do both as they're both important in a science degree.



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