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The curve y=x^2 + 3x + k has a tangent with the equation y=5 x +5 . Find the value of k. Can you please help me to understand this question?

The slope of the tangent line is 5.

The slope of the tangent line is given by the derivative of the function that defnes the curve.

y' = 2x + 3

Since the slope is 5 ,

5 = 2x + 3

x = 1

The point of tangency is where the tangent line meets the curve.

So the x coordinate of the point is 1 , and since the point is on the line ,

y = 5(1) + 5 = 10

So (1,10) is on the curve  y = x^2 + 3x + k

This means 10 = 1^2 + (3)(1) + k

10 = 4 + k

k = 6


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