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A farmer wants to fence off a pasture in the shape of a rectangle. He wants to divide the pasture into two equal parts by putting a fence connecting the two longer sides at their midpoints. He has 400 meters of fencing. What should the dimensions of the pasture be in order to maximize the area of the pasture?

Let l be the length and w be the width of the pasture. The area is wl . There are 2l + 3w meters of fencing used , so 400 = 2l + 3w .Then l= 200 - (3/2)w

So the area is wl = (w)(200 - (3/2)w) =
200w - (3/2)w^2

Take the derivative and set it equal to 0

200 - 3w = 0

w = 200/3

l = 200 - (3/2)w = 200 - (3/2)(200/3) = 100

So the dimensions are l = 100 , w = 200/3


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