QUESTION: Dear Sir :
I am working in Dubai and would be moving to Calgary on 3 August .

1. One thing which i would like to know is as to how i should get a room after reaching Calgary ?

2.I have visited a lot of websites and everyone renting a room is asking for a reference ;Hard for me to provide as i do not have any friends or relatives in canada .

3.The third thing which I would like to know is about finding jobs as I hold MBA and which as per IQAS is considered as equivalent to Canadian MBA .

I will appreciate if you could provide me with some valuable guidance .

Thanks ,

Madhu Nair

ANSWER: Madhu,

I cannot predict what the rental situation will be in August 0f 2013.  References are asked by people as you are living with them right?

Many companies may not hire you as you have no local experience.  I would start work here in a position, not necessarily in management, but to start getting some local experience and knowledge.  Please start doing some research by reading the  and as well as for newspapers.
Next Watch the local news online, is Calgary and GlobalTV Calgary news.  
This will help in getting you a job as well and keeping it until you are ready to progress to your chosen field.  Calgarians like to deal with people whom know something about their area.
Check out Info on Banff, Jasper and Edmonton as well.  Well informed people get jobs.
You dont want to be hired as just a warm seat in a position.

Read information at for municipal information and .

This will get you started on your journey.

Thank you,

Ralph Meyer
President, RMMT Enterprises Moving
and Delivery

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Training day
Training day  
QUESTION: Dear Sir :

Thanks very much for the kind reply and for the valuable guidance .I will be checking them shortly .

1. Regarding the stay , can i contact any of the tenants and book a room like a couple of months before August ?Are their any websites which allow people to make advance payments ?If such thing is there , then I would love to go for it rather than face hardships after my landing .

2.As you said it takes time for one to build himself in Calgary , I am wondering how much budget should I plan to have so that I can get by and get into any position.

3. Carrying money probably in the range of CAD 8,000 to 10,000 )for a year ;will it suffice to pull on ?

I appreciate for the information provided to me .I hope that people who are reading all the posts especially those who are planning to move to Canada would certainly benefit in real terms from your guidance .

I extend my thanks again to you for the kind service .

Thanks ,

Madhu Nair

RMMT Enterprises
RMMT Enterprises  
Hello Madhu:

You ask about a budget? Food about $400.00 to $600.00 per month, ($5000.00)
Transportation- City Bus/LRT-Train) $94.00/month ($1200.00).

I have recommended previously about $5000.00 for 2 months but now I increased the amount
to $6000.00 inflation etc, but if your not flexible, then figure $9000.00 for 3 months.
This would get you started in an entry level position till you move in to your career
path etc.  You could make inquiries to being an intern in a firm. They are not paid well, but
get you the networking contacts or try a non profit org, to start for a year at low pay, ie
$24000.00 year, socially and mentally rewarding but also allows you to network and make local experience contacts.

Banking- I could suggest SERVUS Credit Union,  or First Calgary
Financial-  as they are owned by the members.

IN regards to your arrival, I might suggest you start with a long stay apartment Hotel
or place like Holiday Inn Express, for your first month.  This allows you to get settled
privately and to clear up any resulting issues from your arrival.  
I would also not carry around more than $50.00 to $100.00 a day.

Job wise, of course I hope you are doing research on the area you are looking to get in to??
Clothing wise, for the summer you are looking at wearing shirts, T-Shirts, Shorts and or long pants depending on personal preferences.  Temps should be in the F-50 degrees to 90s. We do not usually get up to 100 other than maybe 4 or 5 times in the summer as a whole.

Bringing Items here- I would check with the Canada Border agency about the amount. I Picked up for a client- returning to Canada, $10,000.00 value of Furniture, clothing etc.  Please check into the humidity etc, before deciding what to bring here? Especially art work, crafts, furniture etc, I can tell you personally, we used to have problems with a dining table that the wood would split from its connector etc. We had to re glue it.

I could explain more but maybe I am over talking as well.

Thank you,

Ralph Meyer
President, RMMT Enterprises Moving &


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