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My wife and daughter will be migrating February 2013 to Calgary and will be looking for accommodation in a good location (safe, child friendly and with easy access to shopping and other amenities).  

1.  I would also be interested in getting likely cost for accommodation (particularly those with heat, electricity and water included in the monthly rent)in Calgary, actually would be looking for the best deals.

2.  Are there any other advice you can give to new immigrants that can lead to securing accommodation quicker

3. Is there any law that states the maximum number of occupants that can live in a particular home size e.g a family of 3 cannot stay in a 1 bed apartment

My Daughter is 2 years old and my wife will be job searching upon arrival, she will not be driving any time soon, so will be using public transportation for a while.

Thanks and have a grand day (Note I had asked this question before and you requested that I resend in November or December, hence teh repetition)

Hello Olu,

First congratulations on your decision to immigrate here. Secondly, please be prepared for our Canadian society which is very different, from Africa. One place she should contact is the Immigrant Womens Aid Society, as they will work with her.

Answer to #3, is yes and no, ie each child should have their own bedroom, when receiving grants from govt, but in private practice, we put two boys same age group in same bedroom, age 4 and 7 same room, but say age 4 and 14 separate bedroom.

Jobs, your wife should check and etc for ideas.

I am getting ready for christmas so I will send another answer in a few days.



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