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Hello Ralph

I observed in many of your posts that you recommend, Credit Unions for banking, could you be kind enough to state why this is the preferred choice.  I have heard a few people state they have limited ATMs and that could lead to some higher costs if you utilize other banks ATMs

RMMT Enterprises
RMMT Enterprises  

I recommend Credit Unions as they are 100 % guaranteed.  Higher ATM fees is incorrect. Some Credit Unions offer no fees banking, ie First Calgary Credit Union. Some are business Orientated
like SERVUS Credit Union.  

As per using other banks ATMs, all banks and Credit Unions, employ fees, to discourage it and this is to prevent them the bank or credit union from having to pay out fees to the competitor.  I for example pull cash from my account, by adding cash to my grocery order. Ex, at Calgary Coop or Walmart, my purchase is $14.00, plus $20.00 cash back, means I authorize $34.00 as my purchase.  Does this make sense?  Some Credit Unions and Banks have packages that include an amount of services, but have conditions, ie must maintain a balance of $1000.00 or $500.00 minimum balance etc.  Please check all conditions etc.  Ask for all details.  How I put it to the Credit Union, when opening an account, Can I use the Royal Bank ATM? First Calgary ATM? etc? Next, What will it cost for me to have a monthly Statement? Can I get US Dollars at the teller, Do I have to reserve it in advance? How long do I have to work before I get a loan? Mortgage? Car Loan?  These are excellent questions, to ask.

Banks are only guaranteed to $100,000.00.  Locations as numerous as banks.  Mortgages, loans are usually easier to obtain at a Credit Union. They treat you as a person, not an account number. They offer same services as Banks, except employees usually stay longer at a branch.

When you move here, I will suggest a company such as Hapag Lloyd or Kuehne and Nagel for your overseas move. They are safer, more experienced and won't steal from you.

Thank you,

Ralph Meyer,
President and Founder,
RMMT Enterprises Delivery Services and
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