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Please I would like to know the differences between the different types of apartments in Canada (Condo, Apartment etc).

I was informed by someone that a condo together with some other points usually have Washers pre-installed and apartments use shared washers. kindly confirm this also.

Hi Olu,

Condos (Condominium) is a form of ownership where a group of owners jointly own interests in a condominium corporation, which occupies the land where the buildings sit, it has nothing to do with the building type, condos can come in the form of apartments, townhouses, or even detached houses. Think of owning a condo as buying stocks in a company, which owns the complex you live in, therefore you are owning a share of the complex.

In terms of apartment-condos, which I believe you are most interested in, there are high rise and low rise apartments. Anything 4-storey or less is considered to be low rise, 5-storey and above would be a high rise.

As for whether the apartment condos have in-suite or common laundry, most modern apartment condos will have in-suite laundry (washer and dryer inside your unit). Common laundry is usually seen in rental apartments or older/renovated condo apartments (15-20+ years), they are also more common in low-rise buildings.

If you are purchasing a condominium apartment unit, the real estate professional you choose to work with should be able to answer any questions you may have about the unit; and if you are renting, the landlord will also be able to answer any questions prior to you signing the lease.

Hope that helps,

Horace Cheung,  


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