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Hi there, I'm 19 years old and I have just moved to Calgary from Manitoba about a month and a half ago. I started work immediately after I got here. I have my full drivers license and my health card from Manitoba. My girlfriend who is 17 is also moving out here within the next month and a half with our 4 month old son with the consent of her guardian. I was wondering what all we would need to do as far as switching information such as, my drivers license, health care, and schooling for her. Also finding a family doctor and/or baby doctor. I'm moving into a new 4 bedroom house with my friend and his girlfriend by Feb. 1st and was also wondering if there was anything else I would need to do and how to do it such as getting her universal child tax and any other government cheques to come to the new place here in Calgary instead of out in Manitoba. thanks.

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RMMT Enterprises  

The registry will do this for Alberta Health Care and Driver's Liscence. AMA is a good choice or in the South, also MOJO's on 1 A st. SE x 61rst Avenue.

Schooling- You make copies of her school records etc, letters of information etc and bring it to the CBE or Catholic School Board etc.

For insurance, contact a local broker, I would suggest Toole Peet, Cynthia or Mandi, at 403-209-5431, or for insurance information.  I reccommend them as they have taken care of my friends and myself for over 10 years.

For Federal Government cheques notify the Federal Govt throught service Canada website.

Congratulations on moving here and making a better economically life for your selves.

Thank you,

Ralph Meyer
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