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Hi Ralph,

We are in the process of an intra company transfer from Dubai to Calgary. A work permit is applied for and we are targetting to be there by end of March/beginning of April.

The question is that I have a nine year old fourth grader son. Since we'll be approaching the end of the school year, I want to know if schools would accept him in the fourth grade which he would then go on to complete by June.

What preparation should we do up front so that his admission happens seamlessly and his year does not go to waste?

Also, I was recommended to check out Maple(?) by a friend in SW. Could you advise any good schools in the area and the range a 2 b/r apartment/condo/house rental would cost here.



First by Maple, I assume he is talking mapleridge district of Calgary. It is in a nice area not rich but not middle income either. This is part of what I call my area of town.  It will include, Acadia, Willowpark, Bonavista, Haysboro, Southwood Districts.  See for map showing districts.  and or for information on Communities by the associations etc. Also you can check out newsletters there too on the community Assoc.  (Bewarned, in the community Assoc, you will see negative as well as positive about the community, ie, we don't want a cell (cellular) tower here but want excellent service on our phone?  Locally called NIMBY (Not in my Back yard).

Rent can be in the $1300 to $1900.00 area per month. In my Townhouse/Condo Community, a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom condo would rent, if available in the $1300 to $1500.00 per month.

As per education, if you are going in to the public,, ie no fee to attend, tax payer supported system, you will need copies of his school transcripts or records, ie Grades, possibly a copy of curriculum, what was being taught etc.  If you are placing him in a private school, ie Calgary Jewish Academy, Banbury Cross School, Calgary Christian Academy, Calgary French and International School, etc,, please contact them and they will provide more detailed information, what is expected. We had our sons in private school, for Grade 4 to 9 and it helped.

Labor peace in this area is until June 2014, as per govt reports.
For your son, you may ask the CBE, Calgary Board of Education, as to guidance on what he may need to do to continue in same grade, but starting in May is almost end of year. All year schools go through June and restarted in August.

Thank you and Good Luck with your transfer.

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Note your drivers liscence will be exchanged at the registry bureau- I suggest Alberta Motor Association- In WillowPark or www.

Thank you and best of luck. My contact info is

I hope my advice helps you on your journey and provide one last tip, When in Rome, Do as the Romans do, so when in Calgary, do as Calgarians are doing, yes assimilating, it works better over the long term for family and work/labor peace.    Our culture is much different here and you nor your wife want to be regarded as those people from Qatar or elsewhere.  I also have suggested this to friends of mine from Nrazil and Indonesia when they came here. They had some cultural differences to over come but are much happier here as their children are growing up in a safe country, still learning their culture and religion from their homeland etc. but accepting of our ways here in public.

Ralph Meyer,


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