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Hi Mr. Meyer.  I am a 22 years mother of a 3 years little boy and a 1 year girl. After my recent split up with their father I decided to get back to my old dreams and move to Alberta.  The plan is simple, I finish my high school here, that would take about 3 months, and then start working again to save up to get there safely with my little family.  Once I get there, I'd like to do my college and head for the University of Calgary, in the Veterinary faculty and work with horses, which I think, Calgary and the area would be perfect for.  

I'd like to know, with the best of your knowledge, the general information about which area to look in to rent a decent apartment with two or three rooms, if it would be possible to work and go to school at the same time, with the kids in mind, how to select a good daycare for them the time they get to school.  I'd also like to know in which kind of job I can apply to live well with the degree of schooling I have, assuming that I am almost perfectly bilingual, my accent put aside.  And by live well, I mean buckle up the month not worrying about getting food on the table.

Then there is also the problem of saving to get there... For a determined person, is it possible to quickly find a job in Calgary?  Depending on the answer on that, and the general condition of renting and all of that, what would be the minimum you suggest to save to be comfortable the time I get a job?

To finish, I know I entered life by the backdoor, made choices that today, make my life and future choices harder than for other people.  I do not know yet if my kids will follow me the time of my studies, they could stay with their father too.  I also don't know when I will move, but I'd like it to be fast, within the year, preferably.  I'm ready to make those sacrifices to be happier in life, with my two babies, and if I leave this public, it's because I know that, maybe, other young women or men could be in a similar situation...  I dreamed of Calgary and it's surrounding since I'm in age to make conscious choices, and I know my place is there.

Thank you for the time you will take to reply this, I am really grateful of any help you can provide.


First Congratulations on your decision.

Next, savings to get going?? I might suggest you contact U of C to see 1) Do you qualify for entrance to their program and if so, can you take student/family housing? 2) Check and see if the Federal Govt might help with moving and living costs as you will be moving for work/ education.  3) Do some research on your field, call a veterinary clinic, ie Macleod Animal Hospital 403-255-1168 or Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital in Bragg Creek at  (403) 949-3249 or e-mail to see about career positions, initially intern etc and what future lies ahead?

I can provide more information but that is a start.

On your moving, I can consult in a separate email through

Caroline, best of luck,



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