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QUESTION: Hi Ralph, My husband and I plans to move to Calgary this coming June for good, we  have 4 kids. 7, 9, 11, 13. we just arrived last June 2012. we plan to bring our own car. Do you know how long would it take us there? I don't know how to drive and is it safe for us to travel by our own. Is GPS good enough to guide us there? we don't have a US Visa. Can you recommend us where we can find a cheaper cargo for our clothes,toys and shoes plus other stuff( no furniture). we don't have an.y idea what is the size of the container to buy....Thanks a lot in advance!


ANSWER: Julie,

Traveling in Canada is safe.  Next, I am missing some critical information,  You arrived in Toronto? From Toronto, follow Highway 1 straight, about 4 days, but could be 5 or 6 depending on stops etc....
Example of fuel prices, I set up Calculation on a 2012 Malibu 2.4 L, Automatic for comparison purposes.
$300.00 is your fuel costs +/- $100.00. Yes you can use GPS, but google maps is ok too.  
If you use the US route, you would need a US Visa.
Moving with your own truck, is probably not a good idea, as your kids would be in a car and you would need a second driver to relieve you while driving the truck.

Google- 3400 kms via TC Highway #1
Us Highway system around 3393 kms, various roads...

Please write more information in your follow up questions, or send a private e-mail for more detailed information.

Ralph Meyer
Owner RMMT Enterprises Moving and

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Can you recommend me some of trusted cargo forwarder, I need to bring some clothes and kitchenware which my car can't accommodate it.


My suggestion is contact the Toronto Chamber of Commerce or Better Business bureau.  In Calgary, we are listed with the BBB but member of Chamber of Commerce.
As for using a Cargo company like us, most will not forward personal effects as Cargo?
We are able to, when we send it out, as we have special agreements here in Calgary.

You could also try Greyhound Express, if its not breakables?

Thank you,

Ralph Meyer
President and Founder,
RMMT Enterprises Moving and Delivery,


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