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My boyfriend has an expired Ontario drivers license that he would like to renew in Alberta. He's been here for 10 months, has a permanent address, and the license has been expired for about 4 years.
I want to know what the process is in regards to renewing it, time lines, costs, service locations around Canmore/Kananaskis and any other useful information.

Thank you,


Hi Jillian,

As far as I'm aware your boyfriend should have no issues getting an Alberta driver's license here. Just visit any Alberta registry agent and bring the expired Ontario license and some utility bills as proof of his current address with him.

More info here:

You can search for the nearest registry agent for you at the link below:

Also, as far as costs you will have to confirm with the registry agent, I'm not 100% sure but I think it was around $80.00

Hope that helps,

Horace Cheung,  


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