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June 23 my wife and I disembark from the California Zephyr ( having boarded the train in Chicago 2 days earlier) because the tracks over the Sierra to Somerville are closed that week for repair and Amtrak graciously offered us a bus ride over I-80 in lieu of the more desired method of travel we are now denied. we are renting a car in Reno and intend to drive to San Francisco that morning ( the train being scheduled to arrive in Reno at 8:36 a.m. on the 3rd.) over the past 30 years we have driven cross country from Raleigh NC (where we live) and back 6 times via various routes and following various wagon trails ( the most interesting being the Santa Fe trail and the 2nd the Oregon Trail) anyway.... I observe on the map that there are two reasonable options to traverse the Sierra other than I-80; California highway 88 and highway 50. which of these do you suggest would provide the better scenic, more interesting route? highway 4 is an option but too far south maybe. we would like to see what we have not seen before and are seeking an option to I- 80... which is a fine way to go but we've "been there; done that". thank you for any advice or information you have to offer.

Sorry for being late in answering this question.  Hwy 50 is the more regular route, a little less curvy than Hwy 88.  Both are great scenic drives only slightly differing qualities.  You can also take Hwy 4 and Yosemite's Tioga Pass route, but these are closed in winter.  Sorry, without further research, I can't recall immediate advantages of Hwy 88, but I'd probably take that route if looking for the path less traveled.


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