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My question is regarding a December wedding next year for around 150 people. My fiancÚ and I want an outdoor wedding at a campsite. We live in Ontario california and would like to hold the wedding within 100 miles from us. I know a lot of mountain places might be pretty hard to find at this time of year but I am just trying to have a winter wedding theme and would at least appreciate the mountains in site from where we are. Either close or in the distance but visible ;)  I want to say at least half or a little less will camp out and sites with RV parking maybe, bathrooms defiantly,  and water, also hotel/cabin/or motel near by for the elderly.  
Thanks so much,
bride needs location

ANSWER: Hi Jessica,

There are a number of group campsites along the Santa Barbara coast, with great mountain views from the beach campground. The most private ones would be at El Capitan State Beach. They are big and roomy, and have several dry camping spots for RV adjacent to them. The views are spectacular.

Carpinteria State beach has some great group sites in the Anacapa and Santa Cruz Campgrounds. The Heron and Plover Group campgrounds are very nice... not too secluded for a wedding, but you are close enough to hear the sound of the waves. This also has the best hotel accomodations nearby (Motel 6, Best Western, Holiday Inn Express).

Refugio also has a group area, but it's all dirt. A white dress would not do well there, but the views overlook the ocean.

I think that if you  do a little research online at, then take a drive up the coast to view these (and maybe even McGrath and Broome State Beaches), you can get a great idea of where to have your perfect wedding. Also check out Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara.

Good luck and congratulations!

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QUESTION: Thanks Steve ,
Is there any recommendations for the inland empire area?? Not so much the beach area

Hi Jessica,

I will answer this with the caveat that IE camping is not my favorite. It's hotter & smoggier in summer, and colder in winter.

Eastside RV Park, which overlooks Puddingstone Reservoir, comes immediately to mind. There are some nice spots overlooking the lake, with mountain views.

Mountain Lakes Resort in Lytle Creek also has mountain views, but that's because you're IN the mountains.

Serrano Campground on the north shore of Big Bear lake could be a nice venue... but could be awfully cold.

Good luck!


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