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What are good wineries and wine tasting events in northern California that can be dine inexpensively and like you mention to avoid tour buses?Also whaycan i expect and how fo i get the most out of the experience?

There are many wine tasting events.  Go to to find them.  There are other internet publications associated with Napa Valley, and Sonoma County winemaking associations that advertise events where one pays a modest entry fee to try out dozens of great wines.  Unfortunately, the wine institute in Napa is closed, but the culinary academy at the Greystone building in St Helena offers outstanding food made by student chefs.  There are also deli stores, like anywhere, where food can be purchased for a picnic, and then a bottle of wine can be shared at minimal cost.  Does this help?

California - North Bay/Wine Country

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Ernest Tufft


I can assist visitors wanting to get off the beaten path and wishing to avoid the wineries where the tour buses stop. I have an intimate knowlege of Napa County in particular, but also know Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Cruz Mountains, and Foothill Wine Regions. I have taught wine appreciation courses at the community college level, and have worked with the wine retail and hospitality industry.


I worked in the wine industry for 5 years and taught California Wine Appreciation at Solano Community College. I keep track of the each vintage in California as it arrives, and as it's consumed.

I have Masters in English. My focus on wine is in combining wine with food with friends and learning from the wine makers who create this art.

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