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Cameras/Stuck film advance lever on olympus om10


filmgeek wrote at 2013-06-04 07:34:44
I don't think that you necessarily need to buy a new one. Sometimes the lever can become stuck. This may help:

The process of loading film into any 35 mm camera is 1) insert the film, 2) close the cameras back, 3) use the rewind knob to put slight back pressure on the film, 4) advance the film using the film advance lever, 5) if the lever does not move, press the shutter release button to activate the shutter 6) advance the film and press the shutter release until the number on the frame counter shows the number 1.

NOTE: the reason for number 3 is to assure that the film is advancing. As you ratchet the film advance lever, you will see the rewind knob turn. If it does not turn, then you have loaded the film incorrectly.

If it doesn't work don't force it, take it to a camera repair shop.

Good luck.


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