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Lex Quadruplator wrote at 2012-11-22 14:44:42
"Canada" is a corporation created by the union of corporate bodies known as "provinces" through the British charter of incorporation called the BNA Act.

The "government" of Canada is a corporation known as the "Queen/Regina/Crown" in that, in legalese, when we speak of the Queen, we are making a reference to the personification of an office in which is found the undertaking of "government" that is, the Queen holds the executive office of government and majesty royal and is the sovereign having authority of and over "Canada" (in right) and all Canadians are considered her "subjects".

The Governor General and Prime Minister are merely executive officers within her government carrying on the government on her behalf and in her name.

The only thing that might resemble democracy in Canada is the choosing of executive officers who will administer the "government" on behalf and in the name of the Queen. Again, this on the behalf and in the name of the Queen, not her "subjects"


Criminal Code -- CHAPTER C-46

"government" means

(a) the Government of Canada,

(b) the government of a province, or

(c) Her Majesty in right of Canada or a province;


The Century Dictionary


The office of king is now, as a rule, hereditary in principle; but in former times it was often elective, or in some manner the subject of choice or selection.



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