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My wife and I are legally immigrants to Canada since May 2011, we stayed there only 4 months and we got our PR cards ,, during our stay in Canada , my wife gave birth to our baby who got the Canadian citizenship,,

Now we are outside Canada and are going to work in Australia

My Question is : I know that I have to stay 2 years out of five years to be able to renew our PR cards , We spent 4 months and our PR cards are valid till May 2016 ,, if I want to go back to Canada for example in January 2016 -- my total stay in Canada will be 8 months by that time when I need to renew my PR cards ,, what will happen ,, will we be obligated to leave Canada ,, what about my baby  he will be by that time 4 years, He is Canadian and has the right to stay in Canada . Will I get any right to stay in Canada because of my baby's Canadian citizenship ?? will i be permitted to renew my PR cards??

Hello Samuel;

Thank you for your question.

Since you have 5 years to accumulate 730 days (2 years) of residency in Canada, they will be lenient for the initial 2 years. Every time you enter Canada after that period, expect higher level of scrutiny for your accumulated days. If & when they see that there's no scope for you to accumulate the required days, they will write you up as inadmissible. They may or may not let you enter Canada after that.

Your baby, being a Canadian citizen cannot be stopped from coming into Canada, but will only be allowed if there are arrangements for her care in Canada.

Hope this is useful.

Thank you and Kind Regards

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