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Hi Tim,

I got a letter from CEC stating that my application for immigration was refused on the grounds of having insufficient information to assess whether I meet the work experience criteria set out in the NOC.
In my application, I provided a letter from VP HR at my company stating my title and annual salary and also sent the description of my job as per the job posting on the company website. This was advised to me from HR as it provided enough information about my duties at work. However this seemed to have been insufficient for the case officer.

I checked the operational manual (OP 25) from the cic website and it states that if the case officer is unable to make a decision due to lack of information, he can either request additional information or directly refuse the application. In this case he decided to do the latter.I have since written back to CPP by email, attaching an additional letter of reference requesting if an accommodation can be made. From what I have read on forums, I assume this is a long shot but since applying last May I have already lost a year in application processing times.

I was hoping to get some advice on appealing this decision as I am certain that I meet the criteria under CEC. I have a BaSc in Electrical Engineering from an accredited university in Ontario and I currently work as a Radio System Designer at at one of the big three telecom firms in Canada. My work is completely technical and I will be applying for a professional designation (PEng) when I become eligible.

On a side note, when CIC reviewed my application for completeness before sending it to CPP, shouldn't this lack of sufficient documentation have been flagged?

Looking forwards to your feedback,
Best regards,

Dear Nitin,

Unfortunately, CIC does not engage with applicants when an officer is of the view that an application is incomplete. So you should not expect to be able to reason with the officer who made the decision nor to be invited to submit additional information (that is usually done when an officer needs more information to refuse an application or is inclined to accept an application but needs some minor clarification).

Because the officer's decision appears to be based on the contents or quality of your work references, you may wish to use the services of a qualified and experienced immigration consultant or immigration lawyer to review that letter and perhaps get additional evidence related to your experience or a more detailed and accurate letter from the HR department if that is appropriate. The letter in itself, from your description of the problem, appears to be at issue.

I hope this helps a little. If you need professional assistance, you can contact me directly.

Best wishes,

Tim Morson

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