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We're a Canadian family living abroad who would like to send our 17 years old daughter to study and finish high school in Vancouver. Her custodian parent until she turns 19 will be a very close friend. When i called the school district I was however very surprised to hear that my child has to apply as an international student and pay 13,000 dollars/year and another 800 for medical insurance. The reason I was given was that it's because I do not pay taxes in Canada. She's got a Canadian passport. How can this be? International students must apply for a study permit, etc.  Can we do something against it? Many thanks in advance. Kind regards. Pilar

Hello Pilar,

School fees are not my experteese but I can give you some of my experience.

Canadians are permitted to study in Canadian Public Schools without paying any tuition fees what so ever. They might be asked to pay for books,supplies,uniforms etc as a supplementary charge. But education per say in Public funded schools for Canadian citizens is free.
You must however register your child in the normal way and give a Canadian address.

International students are children of Foreign Nationals and who must have a STUDY PERMIT to study in Canada. These children pay Foreign student fees, not domestic Canadian fees. These children are registered separately from Canadian children and must apply for their study permits at Visa Posts outside of Canada.

If the school is a public school and your children are Canadians and live in Canada at a Canadian address, then there is no charge for tuition.

I trust this helps.

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