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QUESTION: Dear Mr. John,

One of my relatives is intend to move to Canada. His wife is going there as an international student.
My Cousin joined Navy and left it without informing them and later got dismissed from service. This happened 7 years back and after his dismissal from service he joined one US MNC (Fortune 500 company) and currently working as a Manager.
However now he is confused to mention this navy experience or not as he did not disclose it as it was not on a good note.(it was a very short time period and now its 7 years).
kindly guide us how do we handle this:

1) Is there any cap on years how many years of background verification is done?
2) He has no legal case pending against any court or no police complain filed against him?
3) He has been paying his Taxes on time and is a good citizen of India so it must to mention that experience on background check form?

This will be very kind if you could help us with this. I have seen your support offered to others and same is remarkable.

Kind Regards - Sanju

ANSWER: Sanju,

CIC goes back into peoples past from the time they were 18 years of age.

You must always be truthful when making an application, however I refer you to the section on inadmissibility as a guide line

If your cousin was not charged and convicted with any of the items in the inadmissibility list he might allowed to enter. However if it is a criminal offence, he will be disallowed.

Everyone must be truthful when answering questions, but remember Canada's Security Service CISIS will check up on the background of any persons mentioned on the application.

Good luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks a ton for your guidance. I further have a question though my cousin was in Navy he was a medical assistant and has only helped people. my question is since he deserted from Navy (after his discharge application was shot down by higher authority). However its been 7 years and there is no stigma and he is working as Manager with Fortune 500 company that is US based. Hence would you still advice him to mention Navy??

Thanks a ton and god bless you for the guidance to people like us.

Kind Regards- Sanju

I recommend that you or your cousin request a Police Clearance Certificate from the local authorities and if there is no "live trace" of criminality, he should be OK.  He is going to be asked for a Police Clearance certificate by CIC anyway, but in advance you can find out yourselves if he is admissible to Canada.
That is all I can say on the matter.
Good luck  

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