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I am facing issues with my wife’s visa status.

My scenario:
       I came over to Canada in May 2011 on a student visa and once over here I have completed my education in a 2 year post graduation diploma in Dec 2012. Currently I am on my post graduation work permit. We applied for my wife as a dependent 2 years ago when I move to Canada on the study permit and were rejected for the following reasons: Insufficient funds, family ties and duration of stay.
During the last 2 years I have gone back home once and have travel out of the country during my stay to avoid a reason for rejection under the condition no previous travel history.
Now that I have completed my education and currently working full time on my work permit. My job falls under the NOC A category.  We would like to apply again and hope to get the visa approved.

My concerns or questions:
What is the type of Visa my wife should apply?
What are the lists of documents required for the respective Visa?
Is there a separate form to fill or additional documents required if the visa applied earlier was rejected?
Is there any category of dependant or spouse visa if I am on post grad work permit?
After how long can I apply if the earlier application was rejected?
How much funds are required and in whose account the funds should be shown?
Is there a cover letter required from my wife, myself or both? Is there a format I can follow?
How long is the processing time for the application?

I know these are a lot of question, however; we don't need another rejection. I have tried to contact or reach a consultant but most of them have expertise in study permit or PR application and have no idea with Dependent visa.

So any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


I hear this kind of story all the time, because the spouse visitor visa was not correctly applied for in the first place. For a Visitor Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) go onto the following web site; you will see the detailed letter that you have to write and justify it with all of your current student and work experiences and money to support her in Canada.

Your wife must have a return ticket, a strong reason for returning to her country,(family needs her to care for aged parent etc etc) enough money to justify her stay etc etc see the full CIC visitor requirements.

As far as Permanent residence is concerned, you are eligible for a Canadian Experience Class PR and at the same time you sponsor your wife as a PR, either from inside Canada or outside of Canada.

If you wish I am available to assist you professionally with any of the above situations.


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