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Dear Mr John,

Good Morning!!
I have been following your answers and I request you to kindly help us as well:

My wife is moving as International Student and I want to accompany her. However we are recently married and don't want to get separated so even I want to accompany her. My questions are:

a Do you suggest me to apply for a TRV only after she reaches there or can we apply after she receives her visa?

b why does Visa officer differentiate between above these 2 cases (if at all he/she does so?)  

c what is success ratio for getting TRV after my wife receives her visa?

d Is it a complete No till she she does not fly?

request you to kindly help us on this. Thanks and god bless...




You do not make it clear; has your wife applied for a Study Permit yet?

a)You can apply at the same time or afterwards, it depends on your financial and family situation.

Your wife (and you, if granted) will receive the ENTRY Visas from the overseas Visa Office, but all Temporary Study Permits and Work Permits and Visitor Records, when the Foreign Nationals are located outside of Canada, are issued on arrival, at the Port of entry (POE)
Along with your Entry visas you will receive a "Permission to travel approval letter"

b)As I suggested your wife will only be accepted as a Foreign Student when she actually receives her Study Permit at the POE. An entry TRV Visa is just that and only allows a person to enter Canada for a specific reason: to visit; to study; to work, but the actual PERMIT is not a visa and does not necessarily allow re-entry to Canada, it has a specific function as I have indicated.

c) I can not advise you on this, I do know however that you must, in your covering letter,  make a very strong case that you are needed back in your country and will return there at the end of the TRV permitted time.

d) I can not comment on this it is the Visa Officer's discretion whether CIC issues a letter of approval to fly or not.  

I hope this helps.  

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