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Hi. I already submitted my fswp requirements in Canada's immigration office in nova scotia. Just now, I realized that I have a wrong data. Instead of 14 years in my total education years, I placed 4 years instead (I thought they are referring to number's of years in my latest education degree). What is the best way to change the data in the form? I already sent it via courier.

Hi Everizza,

Is this is a Federal Skilled Worker application, if so ?

Just send in a CORRECTED signed document IMM0008 or IMM5669 using the same references ie dob name etc.attach the evidence of 14 years of schooling,ie, copies of your report cards for each year, copies of any other school or college or university  documentation

Sign the new IMM0008 or IMM 5669 document and send it in with a covering letter of explanation.  Hurry up ! because, the "Intake Office" may send back your original application as incorrect, so send it again by courier.


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