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Hello, John A.C. Manning,

I am a foreign student with a valid study and work permits (for my coop program).

I have 2 questions regarding my permits.

1. In which circumstances would my permits be cancelled?

2. I stopped attending classes because I want to spend 100% of my time focused on my career ( currently I am employed full-time by a Canadian company and ideally I'd like to receive sponsorship through my employer, so I can switch my status from student to worker ). Can my school report me to the government, and can the government cancel my permits for not attending school?

Any advice on what to do so I can focus on my career and retain a legal status would be appreciated.

Thank you


I suggest that you explain to your employer that he / she is employing an illegal foreign national and could be prosecuted.

Secondly I suggest that you go back to school, complete your two year course and then apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit, then you can go and work for your employer of choice.

Yes the school may be able to report you, you know that you have broken the Canadian Immigration law.

I trust that your Study Permit is still valid.

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