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I got my Confirmation of Permanent Residency letter under the FSW class for Canada.

The problem is that, in my wife's Passport there is a mistake we did not notice earlier.  The Surname: 'xxx' is written in the First name section preceding the first name i.e., First Name: 'xxx' + 'first name'. Now as per CIC norms, in her COPR and visa stamp there is no Given name but a Last name (xxx+first name). And the Given name field is blank.

All her other certificates (birth, educational and marriage certificate, driving license, etc ) have the correct order i.e, First name: ABC; Surname: xxx.

I have not left my home country yet.

What should I do now? Will she face any problems in immigration, further studies, work, etc?

Please help

ANSWER: Hello Pratyosh,

I am surprised that CIC processed your application without a "Given name", but since CIC has issued the COPR, you should not have any problem.

According to the passport issuing office your wife does not have a "Given name", and that error has been carried through to the COPR.

This is a matter that can be easily explained at the Canadian Port of Entry (POE), because passports must remain valid when you enter the country. Make sure that this error is corrected on the Canadian documents at the POE, because, the Canadian documents will follow you through all of the Provincial government steps. IE Permanent Resident Cards, Medical Cards, Drivers license etc etc.   

Also, If you have enough time send copies of the mistake, repeat documents and apply for  another passport to the issuing office.

I hope this helps

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Manning,

Thank you for you reply. It was helpful. But, I have one more doubt.

If she applies for a correction of name in the passport / gets a new passport with correct name; will the visa be still valid or do I need to send it to CIC for a fresh COPR?


See if you can have two valid passports? Then travel on the old one.

It is all a question of time to get all of this straightened out. CIC can make a change if you ask them by mail, but they take a long time to reply to mail.

Alternatively, perhaps it would be better if you wait till you arrive in Canada with your birth certificate make the COPR correction on arrival at the Canadian POE.

This is all on this topic

Thank you  

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