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Hi John

I have received an admit for MBA program( 16 month course) from Vancouver. Its one of the top 10 colleges in Canada. Total tuition is 35000CAD. I am planning to apply for study permit.
i want to also include my spouse and bring her on TRV. I have a 7 year old daughter but she is a US citizen.

My current company that i work for is sponsoring 50% of the tuition so that i will come back and work for them.  I also have got letter from Credila(HDFC) that my education loan for 30000CAD has been approved.i am 39 years old.Is age an factor when applying for visa.

Also, it does not matter if my wife works or not since i have available funds to show. should i apply for TRV for my spouse or open work permit. What are chances for acceptance for both types of visa. What documents do i need for application of my spouses TRV.

Also, what documents should i need from the sponsoring company. What do you think are my chances of getting visa.

Thanks and any help will be appreciated

Hello Sunil,

Your situation sounds positive,however:-

When you make your study permit application always enclose the following;
a)Your application for Study permit plus all of the other documents (family details etc)
b)A separate application for TRV for both of you
c)An Open Work Permit application for your wife. (no difference between this and TRV)
d)All of the funding criteria documents, proving adequate funds
e)Notarized affidavits indicating why you will leave Canada after your courses have finished,giving the reasons why you are needed back home etc.
f)Make sure you specify that you need a "multiple entry visa" cost $150 each.

Use the check list and always give more information than less.

Hope this helps  

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