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Dear John,

I want to visit canada to meet my boyfriend who is male and single too, while I am divorced with two kids. Since he is single will his invitation can affect the visa process? we both are financially strong and able to afford my 3 weeks visit to the country, Also, I am going alone, which means I am not taking my kids with me, so will that impact for the refusal/approval too?
Also, we both want to marry but for some reasons I have to come back to my country back so What will be the procedure in this case?


I can only suggest that you make a very strong case that you are needed back home in your home country, by your children, by your other family, by your job if you have one etc

Sworn notarized affidavits from any responsible  person are useful to emphasize that you will return to your country.

If you marry that would be a better situation, but why doesn't you boyfriend come to marry you in Pakistan, then he can legitimately sponsor you after he returns to Canada.

Best of luck.

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