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Hello, my husband is a Canadian citizen, but non-resident. I am an American citizen. We reside overseas in Pakistan.  I am pregnant and we would like to give birth in Ontario, Canada due to the superior medical facilities as compared to where we currently live.  Are there any restrictions for me to do this?I will arrive in Canada before my husband.  What should I say at the border for purpose of visit? We have the financial means and will pay all medical fees as we obviously are not covered under OHIP.

Thank you,

Hello MSM,

No problem here for you, there are no restrictions for you to do what you say.

It depends at which trimester that you travel, the airline may have some restrictions on that subject.

I suggest that you take a look at the following link, but as a USA citizen you do not need a eTA (electronic Travel Authorization)   

Have you any family in Canada?

Here is what I suggest you do; present your passport and have a copy of your Husband's passport and a copy of your marriage certificate ready to answer any follow-up questions that CBSA might ask.

Tell them that you are going to visit yours and/or your husband's family and you are waiting for your husband to join you because he was delayed by a business matter.

You both must have a medical exam by a panel physician before arriving in Canada, (see link of details)

Best regards, hope this helps.  

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