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I am planning to get married to my gf who is canadian citizen in feb 2016. She will be coming to india to get married in feb.

My question is can I apply for visitor visa after She files my spouse PR as I want to move to canada asap. or Can i apply directly work permit after my PR application in processs.

or what is the fast track way to reach thr after marriage.

really appreciate your early advice

ANSWER: First of all your wife may start the sponsorship application directly after your marriage.
She will return to Canada and apply from here.(CIC Mississauga)  You will have to wait until the application is approved, currently the process time is 57 days and CIC is working on June 22nd, 2015 applications.

Of course you can always apply for a Work Permit and visa but you will need a "job offer" in order to qualify for a Labour Market Impact Assessment and this takes just as much time.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the answer for the previous question.

I also want to know after i will get approval, am i suppose to file any documents from my side or everything will be from her side. and how much time it will take for the whole process.

and when I will get my PR, Can my wife who is in canada send a sponsor letter for my parents to visit us in canada on visitor visa and by the time iwill fly to canada i can take my mom dad with me as they are aged.


Yes, you must fill our your application documents sign and date it and send it to your spouse, she will file it. It seems that you have not done any research yourself.

Please go on the CIC website and look at "family Sponsorships"

I did inform you how long it takes

Hope this helps.  

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