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I need your help !
After 8 years of waiting, We finally completed our medicals three weeks ago and that is before i knew i was pregnant.
Our plans are to permanently move to Montreal and we are preparing ourselves for that, now If we get the visa by December, we will be moving by max January 11 ( 3 months before I deliver) .
If received later and i am still within the travel time frame, then i will be delivering there without the help of the Health card.

My questions are :
will it cause us any trouble ?
how much will it cost us ?
Is there anything that we can do to reduce the costs if high?
If it sounds difficult, how long will it take us to finalize all the baby's documents and finally move there ?

Thank you so much for your time.

ANSWER: Hello,

This will not cause you any trouble, the plus side is that your baby will have Canadian Nationality.

Any one registering for our Provincial health scheme (RAMQ) is obliged to wait three months until they receive their Medicare card and use it.

Until then you are on your own travel insurance or health insurance policy.

There may be a case where you can apply for an urgent card, or pay and be reimbursed by RAMQ later.

I can not advise on cost of delivery, I suggest the you contact one of the Montreal Hospitals.    

These questions are out of my realm of Immigration expertise, may I suggest that you call or Google the various institutions, i.e. hospitals and RAMQ.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your very clear answer.
May I please follow this with a last question , if it is ok ?
I just want to know the time frame for obtaining the visa.
I am usually sending my correspondences to Bukharest and we are a Lebanese family residing in kuwait .
I understand that there is no specific rule for that , but just in case I miss an info, it is better to take it from an expert .

Thank you so much and have a great time ahead.



Hello, I am unaware of you file, but it sounds very encouraging that you completed your medicals, so the process is moving forward for you.

Processing times depend on the Visa office where your application was sent. Here is a link that might be helpful.

You should have another plan ready if your PR visa does not arrive before your baby is born.

In which case you will have to add your new-born child to your file before you arrive in Canada, which might take a few more months.

You can always contact the visa office through:

Case specific:

You give your application file number etc., and advise them of your questions

Sorry I am unable to be more specific than that, thank you.


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