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simply me wrote at 2013-11-12 13:32:52
You should be made aware of this little "glitch" that I have yet to read about anywhere but was confronted with. A Subpeona addressed to my attention was sent to my mother's dwelling. She physicaly answered the door and advised the "serving" agent that I was not there; had not been there and that she didn't know where I was. Wich was 100% true! No one knew where we were, for security reasons! So, he left my mother's dwelling, paper in hand! Nothing was left in my mother's charge to pass onto to me. She couldn't have, as mentioned previously! Yet the agent suposedly left the paper in her mail box the following day. No signature... just a drop off. The agent signed the Subpeona with his confirmation that it had been dropped off. To this day, my mother never found the paper. Neither in or around her mail box!

The Subpeona called for me to be present in court on a specific date. I didn't know about it... even though I had made contact with the plaintif and had a legal aid appointed lawyer to guide me and my 3 children through a difficult situation, before the Subpeona was even issued issued but after having had contact with the plaintif! Result... = ... I lost custody of my 2 year old daughter and gained a kidnapping criminal charge all at once!!! Going on 2 years now and still trying to work out my case through the legal system. Wrongfully accused and legally dupped. The shelter provided the care we needed and the law gave back the victim to the assaillant!  

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I've achieved a diploma with Highest Honours in Police Sciences & Law Enforcement with extensive study in criminal law.

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