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The house I am thinking about was listed recently at 427 thousand. Now I understand that the power safety Authority will be asking for the electrical power box to be removed. The home is a fire hazard due to electrical safety issues. Should the home owner not correct the electrical power issues before the electrical authority removes the box. Will the house be sold as just a piece of land without dwelling as it is the belief of many the homeowner already owes back taxes and as the dwelling is not suitable to live in safely without power. The house has issues with mold as well so again not suitable health wise. Not even really sure if this is a suitable question for your site.

The home owners generally can sell the home in any condition they want.  If there are large 'latent' defects and problems with the home they are not really under any obligation to repair them but there is an obligation to disclose them.  If it is well known that the site is only being sold for land value they may not disclose every problem.  The lawyers should check for tax owed and you can test for mold levels.  But to answer your question, they do not usually have to correct large problems if disclosed.

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