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My dad has a stock certificate for 2000 shares of Spooner Mines and Oils Limited dated 3/7/1960. I am wondering if there is any value. If not, can you estimate how much he would have paid for these shares acquired on 3/7/1960.
Thank you.

Rae, from the information I have available, Spooner Mines and Oils did a 1 for 3 reverse split and became Canadian Spooner Resources, which later spawned Canadian Spooner Industries. Both Canadian Spooners were suspended and delisted in 2005. I don't believe either Company was revived, although you can contact the last known transfer agent, Equity Transfer ( and see what information they can provide.

I have no estimate of the purchase price of the stock on that date. You could contact the TMX (, as they do have in their records trading prices of each stock traded on their predecessor exchanges. However, they do charge for the service.  

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