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Elizabeth Kessell wrote at 2014-02-06 21:53:06
My father had 1000 shaes of Phaeton.  Went private to Conrex Steel which handed over to Computershare to deal with stocks.  Was informed in writing that the 1000 shares had a value of .95 per share and was sent a very intensive will kit to complete.  After paying Hub International $28 for Blanket Bond, Computershare $113 for the transfer and $40 to Notory Public for the many pieces of paper that needed notorizing and bank for signature approval, I was rewarded with a cheque totalling $92.00, not the $920 the shares were supposed to be worth.  It was then that they told me (after numerous talks with them and Hub) that the stocks had split.  So I spent $190 and loads of time to get $90 even though they have said in writing that I had 100 shares worth .95 each share. Is this legal?

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