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I have stock certificates from several companies dating back over 20 years and wonder if any have survived? The company names are: Huron Star Resources Ltd., Soocana Explorations Ltd., Castlestar Capital Developments Corp., and Thunder Valley Resources Ltd., all purchased from Gordon Daily Grenadier.

John, from the information I have available:

Huron Star had 2 large reverse splits (a 1 for 4 and a 1 for 50) and is now Augustine Ventures, which trades on the CNSX for about 5 cents per share. The current transfer agent is Equity Financial (

Soocana did a 1 for 2 reverse split and became Plata-Peru. Plata-Peru ran into serious financial trouble and was delisted. At last report in 2009, they were trying to find the funds to wind-up and distribute any remaining funds to shareholders. I don't know if they were successful, so I suggest you contact their last known agent, which was also Equity Financial.

Castlestar did a 1 for 5 reverse stock split and became Southern Frontier Resources. Southern Frontier merged with several other companies and became Planetsafe Enviro Corp. Southern Frontier shareholders received 1 share of Planetsafe for every 1.5 of Southern Frontier, and they also received 1 share of Inland National Corp. I don't believe anything came of Inland, as they ran into trouble with the government regulators, and Planetsafe went broke in 1997 and was suspended, delisted and cease-traded.

Thunder Valley and Castlestar are the same company. Thunder Valley had a 1 for 10 and became Castlestar.

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