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I found 3 stock certificates that were my grandfathers.   For kirkland minerals on stock is for 36 shares the other is for 4/11 of a share both dated 6/25/56.  Also found 3 shares of Berkeley mines dated 10/21/63.

Are these of any value and being in my grandfather's name who is long deceased, can I do anything with them?

Miriam, from the information I have available:

Kirkland had a 1 for reverse split and became Groundstar Resources. Groundstar had a 1 for 15 reverse split about 2 weeks ago and now trades for about 15 cents a share. After the reverse splits, there is probably no value left, but you need to confirm that with the current transfer agent, Computershare (

Berkeley has no value. The Company was dissolved in the mid-1990's.

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