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My wife and I were given 100 shares in this company by my brother in 1981.

Are they of any value and if so, how would we get the value/

George, from the information I have available, Silvermaque Mining did a 1 for 4 reverse and became Geomaque, which later amalgamated with other companies to form Defiance Mining on the basis of 1 Defiance share for every 3.52 shares of Geomaque. Defiance was later acquired by Rio Narcea on the basis of 1 Rio share for every 5.25 Defiance shares. Rio was acquired by Lundin Mining in 2005 on the basis of $5.50 cash per share.  

Based on your 100 shares and the capital changes, your original position would have been whittled down to just 1 share at the time of the Lundin acquisition in 2005. Therefore, it is possible they turned your $5.50 over to the government for safekeeping. It isn't much, but you can search the online databases to see if you can claim it. You can search for free at and If you never legally transferred ownership from your brother to you, it would still be in his name (assuming he didn't receive a check for the balance in 2005), so I would search both under your name's) and your brother's.

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