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QUESTION: I have come across some old stock certificates of my deceased parent and wonder if these companies are still in existence and if so do the certificates have any value?  They are Pioneer Lifeco Inc. and Alznner National Arch Supports Ltd.
Thank you ever so much for your time and assistance in these matters.

ANSWER: Kim, from the information I have available:

Pioneer Lifeco has gone through numerous name changes and became Manfrey Capital, which was suspended, delisted and cease-traded in 1999. Those cease-trade orders remain in effect, which means there is no current value.

I have no information on Alznner National Arch Supports Ltd. Is that the correct spelling of the Company? If so, that is very odd.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: With regards to the Alznner National Arch Supports Ltd. - at the bottom of the certificate it states that the certificate is transferable at the Records Office of the Company in c/o Guardian Estates & Agencies Ltd. in Vancouver, BC.  Is that helpful?

Kim, unfortunately, that doesn't help much, as Guardian Estates is long out of business. Therefore, I suggest you try contacting the Province of Incorporation (probably BC, but should be listed on the certificate) and see what information they have available. Or, contact a broker and see if they can perform a detailed search for you.

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