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I purchased two different stock from Price Warner Securities back in the mid 90s and lost contact with them after moving. One of the company was Dimensional  Media and i think the other was Maxill inc but not sure as i never received the stock certificates for either of them. Though some research I have discovered that Price  Warner is no longer in business and wonder what has happened with my account and the certificates. Hoping you can point me in the right direction.

Peter, from the information I have available, Price Warner was one of the penny stock dealers forced out of business by the OSC for their illegal business practices. The share certificates were mailed to customers over a decade ago. If you did not receive them, the certificates would have been returned to sender and likely turned over to the Provincial government in your last known residence for safekeeping.

Dimensional stopped reporting in 2003 and thus was slapped with a cease-trade order which remains in effect. Therefore, there is no market for the stock and no current value.

Maxill was delisted by the VSE in 2003. However, the Company remained in operation, even though the stock did not trade publicly, until May 2011. At that time the majority shareholders took Maxill private and paid shareholders 8 cents cash per share.

Because the Maxill has some value, you need to check with the missing property office of every State or Province in which you lived since you acquired the shares in the mid-1990's. You can search many of them online for free at and

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