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I saw that another person asked you about a certificate from Doherty Roadhouse. I agree its practically worthless -- but I would like to find an old certificate from this brokerage (for any underlying stock). Do you know where I could find one?

Len -- if you still have yours, I would consider buying it if its in good condition.


Matt, I don't know specifically where to find an old Doherty Roadhouse certificate, but there are quite a few sellers of old stock certificates (as art to collectors) on line. I would suggest contacting them to see if they have any currently. Or, they can take your name and if they come across any they can contact you. There are also quite a few online forums for certificate collectors - you might want to post a query there and see if you can find any through the broad collector community.

As an expert, we don't actually see or receive any of the questioners' E-mail addresses. So, I can neither put you in direct contact with Len, nor provide you with contact information with any future person that may have a certificate. Since you asked this question twice, I will send the original version to the question pool where it will be seen by more people and perhaps someone will be able to find one for you there.

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